Together we have built our dream

We are in Caltagirone, on the country road of San Mauro.


The words “Judeka Winery” written on a gate in front of giant palm trees and a large white building which opens onto: the Judeka winery.
There are 56 windows and 31 doors through which the Sicilian sun penetrates.

“The windows are synonymous with our transparency towards the consumer, because Judeka doesn’t hide anything: in fact, just the opposite, we want to show you how we work”, Cesare Nicodemo points out.


The building has three floors.
On the ground floor there are offices, large terraces which overlook the vineyards, as well as the reception and shop, where purchases and tastings can be performed, which also overlooks the productive heart of the company: the winery, with its steel barrels and vintners all visible, and found downstairs.
Upstairs, there are the guestrooms.

“The company is called Judeka in honour of a Sicilian contrada (a country road) that is particularly suited for wine. When we didn’t have the vineyard, we bought grapes in Contrada Judeca, its from here our name comes from. And the wine, we can say, is our vocation”, state the two siblings with pride.

Cesare & Valentina


was founded in 2007

It is a young project created by young people: Valentina Nicodemo, Cesare Nicodemo, Maurizio Nicolosi, Nuccio Viscosi, and Stefano Finocchiaro.
A new generation who has come back to agriculture: having bought the land, started to plant vines, and finally build the winery in 2013.

“We are not from families of winemakers, we haven’t inherited anything. We are the first generation, so there isn’t any long history prove but instead we wish to show our love and hope. Presenting the world a just and wonderful Sicily. We strongly wanted to create a sustainable agricultural project that would give hope to young people. Providing confidence in the possibility of investing and staying in one’s own land. The rooted vine cuttings, the grafts, and the rows of vines are the fruit of our passion, both for wine and for Sicily. Every day we take care of our vineyard and our wines with passion, commitment and sacrifice. Judeka, for us, is like a daughter”, emphasises Valentina Nicodemo.

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