The Vineyards & the Bio

Judeka covers 45 hectares of land, all converted to organic. The cellar is surrounded by

ancient olive trees, peach trees, plums, cherries, oranges, lemons, almonds, walnuts.

The cellar uses solar energy obtained through photovoltaic panels. The internal road is carried out in total absence of plastic substances and derivatives of fossil carbons, using “Biostrasse”, an eco-sustainable and permeable material that favors the maintenance of the microclimate and allows the soil to capture CO2.

The water used for processing comes from an aquifer that is 70 meters deep. In the cellar, then, the water extracted from the wells is purified through the Reverse Osmosis plant, an ecological system that does not use any type of additive or chemical substance to purify.

Together with the University of Catania, Judeka has created two artificial phyto-purification lakes: a natural purification system for agricultural-industrial wastewater that reproduces the principle of self-purification typical of aquatic and wetland environments.

Fish and water lilies purify the waters and then make them flow downstream.

And then there is the very rich vegetable garden, with 4 types of tomatoes, various vegetables and lots of spices: thyme, bay leaves, sage … all in organic, which we call “Passo 0”.