The Vineyards & the Bio

All 45 hectares of the Judeka farm are organic.
About 150 square metres alternate between olive, peach, plum, cherry, orange, lemon, almond, and walnut trees. And then there is our bountiful vegetable garden, with 4 types of tomatoes, various vegetables and numerous herbs: thyme, bay leaves, sage ect… All organic.
The company is self-sufficient for its entire production cycle, helping to ensure its respect for the environment. Solar energy is gathered using photovoltaic panels. The paving of the road inside the Winery is not concrete, and neither is it made using any form of plastic or fossil fuel derivatives. Instead it is made using “Biostrasse”, an eco-sustainable and permeable material that helps maintain the microclimate and lets the soil absorb CO2.
The water used on the farm comes from an aquifer that is 70 metres deep.
Then in the winery, the water extracted from the wells is purified using an Inverse Osmosis plant, an ecological system which does not use any additives or chemicals in the purification process.

With the University of Agriculture in Catania, Judeka has created two phyto-purification artificial lakes: a natural purification system for agricultural/industrial wastewater that copies the idea of self-purification typical of aquatic environments and wetlands.
Where fish, water reeds, and water lilies purify the water and then let it flow downstream. In the first lake the densest water is oxygenated by herbaceous plants, such as swamp reeds (Phramites); then in the second, the water is filtered further and afterwhich can be used to irrigate the vineyard in an emergency.
Judeka’s basic values are to respect of the environment and improve its quality.

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