In a glass of Judeka wine you can find Sicily

Judeka wines are an expression of territoriality, respect for the environment and for the consumer. This philosophy has made it possible to achieve quality wines, representative of the territory through research and innovation.
Judeka follows the principles of organic farming, the grapes are harvested by hand, in doing so it maintains the character of the fruit intact while preserving the peculiarities of the native vines.
The winery is surrounded by 45 hectares of clay and sand, soils that give the grapes particular elegance and intensity in the aromas.

We are organic into DNA. Judeka wines are the result of a careful oenology that respects the consumer. All interventions aim to guarantee uniqueness, authenticity and genuinity”. Says Valentina Nicodemo.

Caltagirone is included in the specification of Cerasuolo di Vittoria, the only DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin) of Sicily.
The position of the vineyards is strategic: to the south there is a river, and a natural slope favors ventilation from the Mediterranean. The wind, which also comes from the Iblei mountains, brushes the vines and ensures that the vines are not attacked by pests and insects.
The first planted vines were chosen following the territorial vocation: Frappato combined with Nero d’Avola, the most present grape variety in Sicily. The blend, that is the union between the two vines, generates the unique DOCG Cerasuolo di Vittoria.
Inside a glass of Judeka wine there are colors like ruby ​​red, deep pink or golden yellow, and other intense shades. Fresh and fragrant hints of fruit such as strawberry, cherry, plum, ripe apricot or chocolate and black pepper may be perceived. And finally, we appreciate elegant notes of Mediterranean flowers such as orange blossom, jasmine and brooms.
“We completely control the supply chain, from the vineyard to the bottling. Moreover all the components: caps, bottles, labels, boxes, are of Italian production”, proudly specifies Cesare Nicodemo.
The labels and the bottles narrate the Island of Sicily, both in colors and decorations, with the liveliness of Sicilian carts and traditional ceramics from Caltagirone.